UV Torch365nm (Floodight)

3.080 DKK

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Kraftig UV lommelygte med flood fokus. UVA intensity ca.4000μw/cm2 ved 38cm afstand.

Model/Varenr.: 601002
Lagerstatus: På lager
  • Rechargable battery with 2 hours operation capability
  • Spectrum range from 365nm-370nm with expected lifespan of 50,000 hours.
  • Instant maximum output without pre-heating
  • Safe and pure UV-A content with no UV-B and UV-C.
  • UVA intensity of app. 4000μw/cm2 at 15ch(at 380mm)
  • Strong UV intensity enabling inspection under daylight
  • The weight 400g(including battery)
  • IP - 65 compliant