FM2000 LED Film Viewer

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Model/Varenr.: G-501-0002
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1.Ultra-high luminance: The luminance of FM2000 is more than 170000cd/㎡;
2.High uniformity: Even if adjust the brightness to the lowest, the lamp surface without any
   bright spot or dark areas;
3.Long life-time: Work time >60000 hours, 1 0 times longer than fluorescent lamps;
   ※Keep light source operating in the range of 7 0 % of the effective power, and further
   prolonging lamp life.

4.Unlimited Dimmer for LED: Adopt PWM to finalize 2%-100% wide range unlimited dimmer;
5.Genuine cold-light source, low heat without damage the negatives, selection of imported high
   luminous efficiency LED, to achieve low-power and high brightness;
6.No warm-up time is required, quick start-up, very suitable for the need to frequently switch, and
   the frequency of start-up will not influence the life-time of LED;
7.Good shock resistance, no longer afraid of wrestling fragile, no longer need to worry about
   for long- distance transport or field work;
8.Innovative wireless foot design, improve operating convenience, get rid of the shackles of the

Main Specification


Max. Light Intensity 17 0 0 0 0  cd/㎡
Average Color Temperature 6 5 0 0 K
Size of Viewing Window 2 2 0 * 7 5 M M
Power Requirement 1 0 0 - 2 4 0 V A C 5 0 / 6 0 H Z
Power Consumption 1 0 0 W
Dimension 4 5 6 x 1 5 4 x 6 8 M M
Weight 3 . 5 K G